National Left Handers Day, Saturday, August 13th

Fellow lefties, advocates and supporters,                                                                                                  right handed desk

It’s National Left Hander’s day!  We definitely need to celebrate and raise awareness of the many challenges we face on a daily basis.  As children they tried to make us conform and write with our right hands but we persevered.  We took tests and wrote on the infamous half desk top (mysteriously only made for right handed children).  Many of us have learned to compensate and are able to exercise some ambidextrous abilities (like using right handed scissors and potato peelers).  Sometimes we even forget how unique we are.   People around us are a constant reminder.  They are amazed by us and often marvel and point out our left handedness when they see us writing.  So, when you are strategically placing yourself at a table of right handers be proud southpaw, only 10-12% of all people on earth are left handed!