Have You Herd?

Jack Elk 1

Gaylord has it’s very own elk herd.  The Elk Park has over 70 elk, sika and fallow deer contained on 108 acres.  September is one of the best months to observe.  The male bulls are trying to establish dominance for mating with the female cows.  They are very active and make loud vocalizations known as “Bugling.” Their antlers are impressive and can weigh up to 40 pounds.  Some of these bulls weigh over 800 pounds and stand roughly 6’ tall.  The West end of the Elk Park is located at 116 Grandview Blvd. or take a walk on the paved trail in Aspen Park and view the South end.

The DNR also has a list of over 11 elk viewing locations.  Most viewing locations can be accessed by seasonal roads; however, some may require a short hike.  The Pigeon River State Forest is just a short drive from Gaylord.   This 105,000 acre forest is home to the Midwest’s only free ranging elk herd.

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